Saturday, January 23, 2016

Photoshop shortcuts using Autohotkey

I made this Autohotkey script years ago and I wanted to share it.

Autohotkey makes it possible to remap keyboard shortcuts to buttons on your keyboard.
So ctrl-z can be Numpad button 1 for example.

Below you can see how I have it setup on my own keyboard.
Thats my numpad, and arrow keys ;)

The script is easy to change. Just open it with Notepad.
And say you want Brush to be on Numpad 8 instead of 2 you change this line.
Numpad2::Send b ; Brush
Numpad8::Send b ; Brush

Hope that makes sense.

I also set flip horizontal to F3, and smudge to N in Photoshop, since they don’t have keyboard shortcuts be default

You need to download Autohotkey
And here's the script

Feel free to ask me any questions =)

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